Consulting Services

You want to improve your development and service processes and their results? Independent of any model you want the best solution for any individual situation? Or you think about introducing one of the common reference models in your organization and need support and consulting? Perhaps you have already decided to work according to a specific model and need support and consulting to implement that decision?

In either of these cases, I will be happy to support and accompany you with these tasks.

My philosophy:

IT processes and quality management

The focus of my consulting is to support organizations in designing, controlling (IT governance) and improving their IT and service processes and in quality management.

Depending on their need this task is aligned with one of the models and methods below, or based on the general principles and methods of process and quality management without reference to any specific model.

IT Governance

Using IT successfully increasingly requires appropriate IT governance. Core IT governance tasks include:

Of course I will be happy to support you in these tasks, in particular the process-oriented parts.

Measurement, Evaluation and Analysis of Processes and their Quality

There are a number of approaches to measure, evaluate and analyse processes, in particular processes which are repeated often such as service and IT service management processes. The objective of these approaches is to better understand the processes and to identify improvement needs and potentials. In this context I can offer the following:

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ITIL is the de facto standard for IT Service Managements and therefore complements CMMI, with many interfaces such as between problem management according to ITIL and requirements management according to CMMI. It is therefore useful for many organizations to combine using CMMI-DEV for development with ITIL for IT service management, as e.g. worked out in a joint paper with two colleagues.

I can therefore offer to support you in introducing or improving ITIL-based IT service management, in particular the design of the interfaces between CMMI-based development and ITIL-based IT Service Management. Also have a look at the process quality model Gokyo Ri that I developed which can help to measure and evaluate the quality of e.g. IT service management processes.

Das V-Modell XT wurde im Februar 2005 verabschiedet als Vorgehensmodell für die Durchführung von Entwicklungsprojekten. Das V-Modell XT mit seinen vielen Anleitungen und Vorlagen kann Ihnen als Hilfsmittel bei der erfolgreichen und systematischen Durchführung von Entwicklungsprojekten dienen.

Vor allem im öffentlichen Dienst gibt es oft die Forderung, dass beauftragte Entwicklungsprojekte entsprechend dem V-Modell XT durchgeführt werden sollen. Auf Basis meiner langjährigen Erfahrungen in der Nutzung von Vorgehensmodellen und meiner Zertifizierung als V-Modell XT Prozessingenieur (PING) kann ich Sie sowohl auf Auftragnehmer- als auch auf Auftraggeberseite dabei unterstützen, diese Anforderung umzusetzen.

V-Modell XT

V-Modell XT is a process model for planning and executing projects which was initiated by the German government and can be a valuable tool to set a successful development projects.

It is required to be used for many large government projects, but both customer and contractor often find it difficult to implement this requirement effectively and efficiently. Based on my long-term experience in implementing software process models and my certification as a V-Modell XT process engineer (PING), I can support both sides with this task.


Reviews are one of the most important quality assurance methods since they help to identify problems and bugs early on, and furthermore help to identify many bugs that could not be identified using testing along.

As a founding member of ReviewConsult I can help you to introduce reviews in your organization. Furthermore, I can take part in your reviews of important documents such as requirements specifications, project plans, process documentation, taking the role of a reviewer or alternatively moderate the review.